Stunning and Durable Patio Doors for Homeowners in the Appleton, WI, Area

Patio Doors Appleton WIInvesting in new sliding patio doors is a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your home, and at Exterior Custom Solutions, we have just the products you need. We are a premier home improvement company that serves discerning homeowners in Appleton, Wisconsin. We are among a select few Home Guard door installers in the area, so you can rest assured our experts possess the skills and qualifications to install your new, beautiful, and durable patio doors with flawless precision.

Sliding doors from Exterior Custom Solutions are manufactured using only the best glass in the industry with the lowest rate of seal failures. This means that your glass will prevent condensation or drafts, and potentially help to save on your monthly heating and cooling costs. This glass also boasts exceptional performance for ultraviolet light resistance, so you won’t have to worry about your carpets and furniture fading in the sunlight that shines through.

There are many other features that make our patio doors the best choice for your home in the Appleton, WI, area, including:

  • Fixed and mobile panel rails that meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from the outside virtually impossible
  • Patented dual-tandem nylon wheels that help the doors slide open smoothly and quietly
  • Three premium wood-grain interiors to choose from that are both beautiful and maintenance-free

For more information about why our patio doors are the best choice for your home in the Appleton, WI, area, contact Exterior Custom Solutions today.